How to improve environmental wellness but still live with all the modern comforts, like ACs, fashionable cars, and disposable items that have become our minimum standards? At the same time, there’s a growing concern about our planet’s health, environmental wellness, and the preservation of natural resources. And rightly so!

So, i guess the looming question is: Can we uphold this lifestyle without using natural resources and sacrificing the future?

Confronted with alarming data about climate change and diminishing forests, we must reevaluate how daily habits affect our priorities. 

Fortunately, environmental wellness isn’t synonymous with abandoning technology or luxury. Instead, it means striking a balance and adjusting our lifestyles for a greater sense of sustainability.

Impressively, doing so provides a two-fold benefit: looking after the Earth’s health and our own well-being.

Join me in navigating some basics of eco-living. Together, we’ll weave modernity with nature into our personal surroundings and personal space to create a more balanced lifestyle. Along the way, we’ll uncover eco-friendly tools that amplify environmental wellness and make our personal surroundings comfortable and enjoyable.

What is Environmental Wellness?

Have you stumbled upon the term “environmental wellness” lately? Not sure what is all about?

It’s not just about our relationship and bond with the environment and nature, but our ecological footprint and our green life commitment. The takeaway? When the environment thrives, so do we.

Rapid urbanization and technological advancements, often pull us away from nature and our immediate surroundings, but research consistently emphasises its importance for our well-being and happiness.

By integrating environmental wellness we can enhance our lives and our physical surroundings, which benefits so many areas of our lives.

There are multiple facets of environmental wellness to consider, but why spotlight this, and how do we integrate it to our lives?

I find its actually quite easy to incorporate environmental wellness tips and strategies into our everyday lives.

For example, opting for local, organic foods reduces carbon footprints and promotes a healthier diet and more balanced lifestyle. Similarly, walking or cycling over driving cuts emissions and doubles as exercise.

Environmental wellness offers a holistic approach to appreciating nature and our environment, conserving energy, and conserving more resources, all while reaping health advantages.

Reasons to Improve Environmental Wellness

Contemplating its importance? Your well-being directly correlates with your physical surroundings and environmental health. A few reasons include:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: By minimizing your carbon footprint, you can witness remarkable transformations, including a pristine planet and decreased health problems from pollution.
  • Mental Health Benefits: A clean environment works wonders for the mind. It’s nature’s remedy to stress and a mood enhancer. After more tips to stay healthy and happy? Have a look at this article 69 Fascinating Facts to Master Your Health and Wellness.
  • Global Advantages: Supporting environmental wellness addresses global issues such as climate change and biodiversity.

Understanding a healthy environment and its value is the starting point. The next step? Adopting eco-friendly habits for a greener existence and healthy environment.

Guide on How to Improve Environmental Wellness

Are you keen on greener alternatives for daily habits? Here’s a brief on eco-friendly lifestyle changes:

Green Diet:

Shift to plant-based meals. This change conserves energy, and boosts heart health, offering benefits to the environment and us.

Begin with meatless Mondays to ease into the transition. Explore local farmers’ markets to find fresh, organic produce that supports your health and the environment. I have personally found adding more organic produce into my diet has made a big difference to my health – and it tastes so much better.

In addition, i find myself enjoying a much wider variety of food when shopping for organic and locally grown foods that are in season.

eating sustainably can help improve environmental wellness

Click here to get more tips on eating more sustainably.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Embrace eco-mantras. Rethink purchases, repurpose items, and prioritize recycling. This approach leads to fewer emissions, peace of mind, creative use of natural resources, and savings. 

Before buying, ask yourself if you truly need the item. Also, designate a space in your home for recyclables to make the process straightforward and habitual.

By making simple changes, we can work together to improve environmental wellness for all.

Conscious Consumerism and Environmental Health:

Choose eco-friendly brands and look for certifications like Fair Trade or Organic. Buying from local markets? It’s definitely a green choice. 

Why not look at a company’s attitude towards the environment and use this to guide your shopping choices?

The Power of the Consumer Wallet: Driving Environmental Change

Every dollar you spend is a vote. It’s a declaration of what you believe in and what you support. When you make a purchase, you are essentially telling manufacturers, “I approve of this. Make more of it.”

I found this very empowering and once I adopted this mindset I changed the way I was shopping. Here a few tips i found useful when adopting this new mindset.

  1. Prioritize Eco-Friendly Products: Your purchasing power can shape company policies. When you prefer green items, businesses pivot to more sustainable processes, benefiting the planet.
  2. Boycott Harmful Products: Refuse to buy products linked to environmental harm. By doing so, you compel companies to adopt eco-friendly alternatives, safeguarding natural habitats.
  3. Firstly, Encourage Green Innovation: By placing importance on sustainability, you not only promote but indirectly push firms to innovate with eco-friendly technologies and materials, paving the way for a more sustainable market.
  4. Next, Support Sustainable Brands: It’s vital to channel your funds towards eco-conscious businesses. Doing so not only backs their mission but also strengthens their reach, making a pronounced statement for a greener economy.
  5. Lastly, Demand Transparency: It’s not just about purchasing; it’s about understanding. Could you clarify product origins and the conditions under which they were produced? This conscious demand, in turn, nudges industries towards adopting ethical standards, guaranteeing a more responsible consumer experience.
  6. Share Your Eco-Choices: Amplify your impact. When you share eco-decisions with peers, it inspires collective action, magnifying positive change on business behaviors and the environment.

By making informed, eco-conscious decisions, every individual can play a part in steering the planet towards a sustainable future.

Another easy tip, make it a habit to bring reusable bags, containers, and cups when shopping or dining out.

Critical Considerations:

To begin, try and stay informed about environmental wellness resources. Subsequently, offset potential environmental hazards and risks with eco-friendly alternatives.

Moreover, you can help by setting aside time each month to delve into content related to environmental news and advancements. Additionally, familiarise yourself with emerging green technologies or practices. Finally, consider looking into eco-initiatives introduced in your community to support well-being.

helping keep our environment wellness in check


Magnify your personal space and impact. Participate in green initiatives at local parks or spread the word online. 

Another great tip, Consider joining or supporting a local environmental group. Use your social media platforms to share actionable tips and news, fostering a community of eco-conscious individuals.

Here are a few links to some of my favourites

One Percent For the Planet

Jane Goodall Institute

World Wildlife Fund

Alternative Methods:

Adopt sustainable alternatives like bamboo products or solar panels for an eco-friendly modern touch. 

When replacing household items, opt for those made from sustainable materials or those that operate on clean energy. Research incentives or tax breaks for households adopting green energy solutions in your local park or region.

Environmental Wellness and Holistic Living

As we embark on a journey to improve our environmental wellness, it’s important to recognize the interconnectedness of various aspects of our well-being. Just as we seek to make eco-conscious choices to benefit the planet, we must also extend this mindfulness to our personal health practices.

The principles of holistic living emphasize the harmony between mind, body, and environment. Let’s explore how aligning environmental wellness with other wellness practices can lead to a more comprehensive and fulfilling life.

Eco-Friendly Wellness Practices

Wellness Drinks and Environmental Consciousness:

Just as we explore the benefits of wellness drinks for our internal health, we can extend this mindset to our external surroundings. Choosing sustainably sourced ingredients for our beverages mirrors our conscious choices for a healthier planet.

Consider incorporating organic ingredients into your wellness drinks, supporting local farmers and reducing your carbon footprint. Wellness shots and Wellness drinks are a big trend; you can learn about them here.

Wellness Retreats and Natural Connection:

As a dedicated explorer of both the world and the inner psyche, I’ve embarked on countless solo journeys illuminating the profound connection between nature and self-discovery.

Having journeyed through diverse landscapes, ranging from the tranquil coastal towns of Mexico to the verdant mountainsides of Portugal and the enchanting vistas of Bali, I’ve discovered the profound and transformative influence of embarking on wellness retreats that harmonise with the very pulse of the Earth.

In my pursuits as a passionate surf instructor and an avid surfer and kiteboarder, I’ve found that the natural world becomes more than just a backdrop; it’s a co-creator of the experiences that shape us.

These journeys have honed my intuition for seeking out retreats that align with the values of environmental sustainability and holistic living.

One such remarkable journey led me to pen the article Top 7 Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica for 2023: Your Ultimate Guide to Rejuvenation.” In this guide, I’ve curated a collection of sanctuaries in the heart of Costa Rica’s lush landscapes. These retreats, carefully chosen for their commitment to personal wellness and the planet’s well-being, epitomise the harmony I seek between nature and rejuvenation.

retreat in mexico

As I meticulously crafted the guide Unlock the Ultimate You: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for Choosing the Best Solo Wellness Retreats, I wove together my personal experiences as a global traveller and wellness enthusiast. This guide offers to those who yearn to embark on solo journeys that redefine their relationship with nature, self-discovery, and holistic well-being.

By intertwining my insights as a surf instructor and the wisdom gained from surfing and kiteboarding across different corners of the world, these articles become a tapestry that connects the dots between inner growth and a deep-rooted connection with the environment.

Each retreat mentioned is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey, much like the ones that have shaped my own path.

In the spirit of sharing and community, I encourage fellow seekers of well-being to delve into these articles. They serve as gateways to experiences that transcend the ordinary, leading you to embrace the extraordinary interconnectedness of wellness, nature, and self-discovery.

woman teaching surfing to young child

With each word penned and each retreat recommended, my hope is to inspire a journey that harmonizes your being with the rhythms of the Earth and the boundless horizons of personal growth.

Harmonising Holistic Practices

Mindfulness in Sauna Sessions:

The sauna, a space of relaxation and detoxification, can be a sanctuary for both your body and the environment. As you enjoy the warmth and healing properties of the sauna, practice mindfulness towards the resources it requires.

Opt for energy-efficient sauna models, and utilize natural materials in your sauna space for a more sustainable experience. I have a fantastic sauna 101 guide here.

Eco-Friendly Cold Plunge Rituals:

Cold plunge routines, known for their invigorating effects, can also be aligned with eco-consciousness. Consider using natural water sources for your cold plunges, such as lakes or rivers, to minimize water waste.

Also, you can use contrast therapy while being mindful of the water consumption during your cold plunge sessions. I use contrast therapy in some form every day, whether in a cold shower or swimming in the ocean after a hard workout, and it makes me feel amazing. If you’d like to learn to master this technique, please take a look at this article.


You’re Choice Matters. Embrace environmental wellness on your terms. I hope I’ve been able to highlight why its important to start incorporating the environment and nature into our everyday lives. Especially, when each dollar you spend can shape the future of our environment.

Be it wellness drinks to sauna sessions, we embrace a more harmonious and sustainable existence. As we navigate the path towards a healthier planet, let’s remember that our individual choices contribute to a collective effort to safeguard both our personal well-being and the environment we call home.

The pursuit of environmental wellness is intimately connected with the pursuit of holistic well-being.

By integrating eco-conscious practices into various aspects of our lives, from wellness drinks to sauna sessions, we embrace a more harmonious and sustainable existence.

As we navigate the path towards a healthier planet, let’s remember that our individual choices contribute to a collective effort to safeguard both our personal well-being and the environment we call home.

Here’s to our shared eco-adventures! 🌱


How can I improve my environmental wellness? Firstly, shift to sustainable habits: use fewer resources, recycle, and moreover, adopt a plant-based diet.

What are the components of environmental wellness? They include awareness of one’s eco-footprint, sustainable practices, understanding why ecological health is crucial, and fostering a connection with nature.

What are examples of environmental wellness in the workplace? For instance, using recycled office supplies, promoting digital documentation, and encouraging green initiatives.

What are environmental wellness examples? Such as planting trees, consciously reducing water waste, and actively supporting local, organic farming.

How do you practice environmental wellness? Begin with the basics: reduce, reuse, recycle; opt for sustainable products, and also engage in eco-friendly activities.

What is the core principle of environmental wellness? Initially, it’s the harmony between our practices, next, our personal surroundings, followed by the health of the Earth, ultimately fostering a sustainable environment.

What are examples of environmental wellness at work? Start by implementing energy-saving policies, then move on to encouraging carpools, and, furthermore, use eco-friendly products, wrapping up with green training sessions.

How do you demonstrate environmental wellness? One can lead by example: proactively minimize waste, use public transportation, and regularly participate in community clean-ups.

What are 5 examples of wellness?

  1. Physical: Regular exercise.
  2. Emotional: Stress management.
  3. Intellectual: Continuous learning.
  4. Social: Building strong relationships.
  5. Environmental: Sustainable living